Is it true that celebrities sell their souls

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Start by reading Satans Children: Celebrities, conspiracies. Why would anybody do anything as stupid as that. Why would there be such an organization that has control over hundreds of thousands of Hollywood celebrities and is able to convince them to put themselves in a position where they can sell themselves for their fame. Why would there be somebody that would make a deal that will result in people not only being forced to sell their souls for fame, but also forced to have sex with celebrities for money. What do Hollywood celebrities actually get out of it. There was a time when most famous celebrities had no money. The rich had no idea what that was like and so they didnt have any interest in it whatsoever. But that was back when most celebrities stayed away from any kind of illegal activity and most of them were not famous for being rich. What has allowed celebrities to be able to sell their souls to a higher power for money. Its all about the power to control people and the power to sell their souls for money. You can use that power to get the attention of a whole new audience. You can get a huge reaction from the audience and use that to create a new type of television show. You can create a whole new type of music video. It doesnt hurt to have a group of people watching you so that you can get the most attention. Hollywood stars are always desperate to do things for money. The only way they can do that is by turning themselves into a star. The only way to become famous is to turn yourself into a star. In the Hollywood system, celebrities are the people that are going to create.

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