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F-false You watchBeauty and the Beast is a classic fairy tale about two sisters, Belle and the Beast, who fall in love and are able to marry each other. The movie stars Julie Andrews as Belle and Gene Kelly as the Beast. Heres a description of the story:Belle is a young woman with a kind and gentle personality. She is kind and gentle towards her family and also towards the animals, tending to keep them in good health and feeding them only the most wholesome foods. One day a handsome prince enters her life. His name is LeBoeuf and he is a rich and handsome man. He asks Belle to marry him, and she instantly says yes. The next day, he arrives in her village. Before this story is over, Belle and her family are going to meet with a traveling salesman to buy a magical dress from him. One of the things that the salesman suggests is that Belle and her family visit a strange creature called the Beast. When they do, it becomes more clear to the family why the Beast wants to break away from mankind and live alone among the beasts. This story is about the story of a princess who is forced into marriage, and it is the story of a brave knight who fights for the young woman against her family and the Prince she married. This story is about a woman who is forced into doing something she does not want to do for a man who does not deserve her. In this version of the story, Beauty and the Beast are two brothers who are separated at birth, who come together after a century to battle evil. You click on Beauty and the BeastYou click on the story and see that its a Disney movie. You see the movieThe movie that youve selected is Beauty and the Beast and you notice that it has been rated PG. You watch the movieYoure watching Beauty and the Beast. You start the movieThe movie starts and you see the princess Belle. She loves animals and she is also kind and gentle towards her family and the animals.

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