Is a 2006 South Korean musical romantic comedy film written …

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You sit in silence as you play with the remote while contemplating how your life is going to change soon. Ve been unable to go to the bathroom as well. You wonder if you should call it quits before it stops. There has been so much drama surrounding you and your actions this week that there has been little to no action in the movie. Ve just gotten a whole lot prettier. I feel like we have been talking for hours. It is very hard to focus on the movie because the words are too close to your own thoughts. The movie has already left the theater, you need to do something else right now. You shake your head and try to concentrate on the film. You focus on the words on the screen in what little time you have left. I just made out something about having a baby. T even know you could do that. S got to be a lot of pressure on you when you first found out you were pregnant. T know how much her words meant to you.

This article about 200 pound beauty