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You just seem to get lost in social media. StewartIf Stewarts thoughts are any indication, what youre doing might not be quite as bad as it seems. Though it would help to have a few good friends with you, so at least youre not alone with your thoughts. Still, the best way to get some perspective is to talk to someone else who has also moved on from Twitter. This is where you turn to your mother, a woman who has no problem talking about whatever comes into her head, so you can draw from her insight. I think I had a little too much to drink on the night of the episode, she says with a chuckle. At a certain point, I was like, I dont care what theyre saying, I want to make this a good episode. I dont know what happened to all the other ones I was on. For someone whose life is about as good as its going to get, you have an unusual capacity to compartmentalize your negative emotions. You dont think Stewarts ever said anything quite like that to her. To be honest, I used to have a hard time getting off Twitter. And I think thats part of the problem with a lot of us. Were really angry with our boyfriends and our husbands and whatever. We dont want to accept that were not getting what we want, and then we go online and start saying mean things and mean things that well have to live with for the rest of our lives. But the thing is, we have to find a middle ground of taking back power, and thats what I think Twitter enabled me to do. It made me realize that not all of these things I was saying were true. Youre a little surprised to hear that Stewart is right about you not knowing all that much about yourself. In high school and during college, I was always a little behind in classes and I was always a little slow in turning in assignments and grades were always an issue for me. I remember that first summer that I was dating you, I think I was getting on a little too well with myself and I didnt really have control over any of those feelings. So I would sit and watch you on Twitter. All I could think about was you and what I was going to say next to you. I had this image of an older, manly, white and sexy guy who would look back at me every.

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