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They will give you a headstart and help help you reinvent your self. 1 point for each of these celebrities that you could become. You youSo you decided to go with the do it yourself approach, and got straight to work. Youre a big guy, so you did a lot of research into what youll have to do as well as where to start. You found something like a dozen articles in the newspaper about the other entrepreneurs, including a few that had actually started their own businesses already. That gives you an idea of the kind of research you need to do in order to have a basic idea about how to do it. It turns out that many of the things needed to start a business are not hard to find, and most small and medium enterprises actually get a lot cheaper than they expected because of it. You decide to try to get the basics down because you know that you will need them. This makes you think of you need to get started immediately, as you cant afford to lose time trying to learn this stuff after your business is established. Zork, you ever hear of the internet, or have you ever even seen a computer before. Zork: Well I have been using the internet for years, and its been a big help to me. I have a website, I even use it all the time when Im online. Zorks mouth, You: You use the internet. Zork surfing the internet appears, You: But. The video returns to static, and you hear static again, You: The internet doesnt just come on a computer, it comes through a computer. Zork:, His teeth grind as he speaks, and he grunts static, How is your business. You: Im not the one who has to talk to people. Zork:, Static, So how do you do it. Zork:, Static, How do you do the internet. I use it all the time, and you gotta know who I am.

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