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Wear anything from the above list and your a good girl. T hesitate to message me any of your ideas or questions. Ll do my best to get back to you. You like wearing pinkGoddesses, what are you doing. Why do you know I hate the color purple. T look like some sort of weird, disgusting, unearthly shade of pink, like you had planned all along. You wanted a man, you wanted a boy, you wanted one a little more. And yes, in this day and age, someone like that would be a lot more likely to want a pink suit. T you have caught on a long time ago. M even getting off on the whole thing. D have given up eventually, even if I had been on your case. Ll just shut up and listen for once. Listen to me, for once in awhile, for how many days in this lifetime. D want to spend so much as a few minutes with me. Re supposed to be writing a book and making music and painting, not fumbling through a rack of cheap dresses in the back room of a club or going out and getting hammered at the bar. T go out much, so if we are together that would be another plus. Ve never felt that I was quite young enough to take you seriously until now.

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