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You say, writing the reviews in the first place. You say after just a couple of hours. You take some time out for socializing, but you try to get to at least ten pages every day. You finish on the 28th, at which point you stop for the night. You lie on your bed and turn on the TV. The more you think about it, the more you realize the story is very compelling. T like when you did your math project where you had to figure out the answer in your head. Of course, you could just write it all down at some point later. Ve still got a lot of material to write about, so you might as well get started on it right now. You time to writeYou close your eyes and sit up, getting up off your bed. You grab your pad and pencil and begin to write. You have a lot of stuff to write about, but first you really need to figure out how to write this stuff down. D never get around to actually getting what you write in your journal out of your head. Ll never be able to read it, so you probably should just write it down. Re not a poet or anything like that, but you are good with words, so you should at least be able to put them down on paper. You go over to your computer and type up the words, trying not to get distracted by anything else, but your mind is always going back to the subject at hand. The night before, you were at the computer and you found that.

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