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I think that you are in the clear and that, based on what you described, it is the INFJ personality which you have described. I think I will go back and take off my sweater now. You go for the wool over the cotton and you will find it on the way back. You start walking back towards the building slowly and as you get close to the door you take a deep breath and then walk inside. The interior of the apartment is dimly lit, but lit enough that you dont feel cold as you walk in. You hear footsteps moving around the room and then you hear a voice coming from the door. You hear a mans voice and you stop and listen, but you cant make out the persons voice very well as its in your head. No Im sorry I cant tell the person youre talking about, but here are the keys to the door. A small room with a bed, a table and a chair is all thats in the room. You sit down on the edge of the bed and start looking around the room. You dont see anyone but you see various stuff lying on the table. Just call me Adam and dont worry that you might get the wrong person because youre not going to get lost, and youre not going to get uncomfortable and that could lead to an argument. Im also not going to bother saying anything after you find your couch and bed, ok. After hearing a door open and close behind you, you stop and wonder why hes giving you a chance to respond and you realize that you probably came here to get the man from the video you watched on the web. I have a video and I want you to watch it,Okay, Ill watch. Adam closes his door and you are left to your room to think over your opportunity. You start watching the video and you start to question the information that Adam gave you. You begin to realize that the video youre watching may not be completely accurate. When you first saw the video it started off with a woman who was looking for her boyfriend and then she got lost while driving the car. Then she went to the hotel where she said she was staying with her boyfriend and thats when she met a man who was more than happy to take her room for free since he knew she was looking for her boyfriend.

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