INFJ actors bring a cerebral edge and great dedication to their work…

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You can probably see where this is gonna go. The waiter leaves you with a full wineglass and the bill. T even know where to go or even what to do. You stop at your next opportunity to go back to where you left the car and look for it. When you stop to get it, you see that the woman is standing there staring back at you. T see her from your position, but she appears to be holding something in the palm of her hand. You start runningYou pick yourself up and start running as fast as you can. Within minutes you manage to make it home and go back to the room you left your car in. You walk insideYou manage to get inside and hide in the bathroom, but the woman is there. You attempt to run upstairs, but the woman sees you coming and stops you. You begin to say, but she just puts up her hand. She says with a smile but then puts her full hand on your shoulder. S probably still going to be cold towards you. Maybe you should get out of the relationship now so you can get back to your life. T quite let you finish that sentence. She says and starts to pull things out of a bag. M just going to let you try to follow me into the woods. I need to go back to my car and get my keys. You nod and start running back upstairs. T even know much about how to get back to your car; you just remember the route and hurry back to the woods.

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