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I mean are these some sort of new and wonderful products. D bring some things with me even as I said I would my new life back home. T want to be selling my soul just yet. You put the bag on the bar across from you and sit down. Okay, first thing I need to get out of this body is the need for sleep. T think we need to buy new clothes again.

If you have any questions ask BEFORE you buy. There are many important things to check before we can ship. 1 Are you actually going to like what youre wearing. If yes, then I suggest picking something simple. If not, just scroll down and check it out. I dont want you to be disappointed if youre not, and I want you to enjoy your new purchase. 5 Do you understand how this products intended use works. 9 Is this item a high quality piece of clothing. I dont want to sell you a clothing item thats going to cause problems, or if it does, its not worth the price. I can be contacted at redacted if you have any allergies that I should know about. If you have answered yes to any of the questions above, well then great. If not, then please dont purchase this item because I do not want to take the chance. I just want you to love your purchase and want you to feel special when you wear it. Thank you, I really will enjoy making your purchase. But isnt it a little expensive for an item like this. I have to sell a lot of things before they end up in my store, so any money that falls through in between the payments goes right back into the store. Its not even going into my salary right now, it just helps me out and gives me the funds to do what I have to do. I dont make a lot of money, but Im trying to put that behind me while I try to survive and pay my rent. I have a lot of ideas, but honestly I just dont have any time right now and with my current job and life priorities, I dont have that much time to devote.

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