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We cant find the item you are interested inYou cant place an order at this timeWe couldnt find any products to offer youYou are not logged inWe need to create an accountYou cannot create an account yetYou have an invalid email addressThe email address you entered doesnt match the one that is on fileThe password you entered doesnt match the one that is on fileLog inYou are already logged inIf youre from Houston or the surrounding area, youre going to find this new poster for the upcoming adaptation of Stephen Kings It pretty ironic:This poster came down over the weekend, but we got it up this morning, and we have no idea why, either, so you guys have a chance to see something that no one else has. Its the original, which was done by Gary LeVine:So, how is this poster any better. Its just a shame that the current adaptation has not been getting the love it needs. Maybe Hollywood has finally realized that theres a huge market out there for this book. This is just going to make me glad that Stephen King is never making a movie about me. I gotta see if the adaptation is going to be good or bad. If this is just going to be a dumb remake of a crappy film, then its going to suck all over. What I dont want to see is a film thats a mess from start to finish.

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