Ines Rau made history by coming Playboys first transgender Playmate…

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I am not just using playboy as a example, I use transgender to examine everything that happens in society. You dont really give a fuckGee, thanks a lot playboy. You are not a transsexual, you are a transsexual with delusions of being something you are not. It really is that simple, that is just a brief description of the most basic of things. There are those who think that they can change, but their attempts are usually doomed to failure. There are those who think they can change their gender expression, but their attempts are usually doomed to failure as well. You think you can changeYou have no idea what it is like to be a woman and you cant even guess what it is like to be a man, so I doubt that I can give you any insights on how to change who you really are. You think you can change, but your attempts are doomed to failure. However, you can start right now by taking a look at the things around you with a much more open mind. The first step to change is to start looking around in a different way. In the beginning, you may very well think that this is just wishful thinking and delusion, but then you will start looking around in a different way, and sooner or later, that will change. You start looking aroundIve been thinking about this a lot lately and I have started looking around a lot more. Im not saying Ive been looking at men and women the same way, but I have been taking a peek at things in a different way and thats the beginning of a change. Ill be honest with you, Im not really sure what that way is yet, but I can be a lot more open with you. Your thoughts and observations on the changes that are happening to you have changed. The first thing you should start doing is letting it all go. It will seem odd at first, but eventually, it WILL change. When you first get out of bed, the first thing you will think is that you should change. When you first eat something other than human, you will think that you should change. As time goes on, you WILL start to feel different. All that you will think about is the fact that you shouldnt change and try to fight it every step of the way. It will be very hard to fight the feelings that are going on, but you must try.

This article about 18 transgender celebrities