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IndMedia Group has already reached out to Linda and they are willing to take her back on her Facebook account as well. It seems like the social networking site has lost its patience over the blatant disregard of its rules. The World War One veteran has suffered from depression and anxiety for years, but the local council refuses to help because he is not entitled to free medication. Mark Hynes, from St Johns, Cornwall, has been on prescription medication since suffering a head injury in the war which left him blind in one eye. But he is now claiming the council has been neglectful in his care and is demanding compensation. His case, which is backed by the British Medical Association, is backed by the local branch of the BMA and is being taken by an organisation known as the Law Commission. Mr Hynes, 65, has been taking his medication for years but the councils Clinical Commissioning Group say they have been unable to find suitable accommodation for him, despite several attempts. The council, in a statement said: We are aware of Mr Hynes case and were hoping to resolve it. The CCGs work with accommodation providers and other organisations to help people in similar situations. Mr Hynes case was referred to us in 2013 after he was in contact with us in order to discuss his concerns. We have had a discussion with him and have asked him if he is able to stay in accommodation he has been placed and also asked him if he would like us to look at other accommodation for him in other parts of the council property. We are looking at his case and it is certainly on our radar. He added: I have been in this position before and even more so now when I am completely blind in an area of my brain that was damaged in the war and it affects my mood and all my other emotions. I cannot work and I will be in financial difficulties if I am not given a place where I can continue to live. I have not been able to find suitable accommodation for the longest time and I am finding it difficult to find any at all. These tablets are very costly and I just dont understand why the CCGs dont want to help. Mr Hynes lives alone in an old cottage close to his home where he is looking to find a suitable place to live. He said: I am asking them to help me out because I cannot work because of my condition. I would like to stay away from the town centres because I have had difficulties in looking after myself, even when I lived alone. I do not like people looking at me and cant walk down the street alone in the street.

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