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The bottom line is, Indie beauty is here to stay. Its just that, were here to stay in a more tangible, consumer-friendly way. Plus, were all about saving you time and money. Thats why every month we list the absolute best indie makeup brands in the world. Feel free to browse the list and choose your new favorite indie brands from the ones featured below. You can see our entire list of indie beauty brands HERE Images via indiebeautymagazine. Get daily updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribing See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again later Invalid EmailCabinet ministers have been urged to ditch their expensive office vehicles in favour of smaller, more fuel-efficient cars as part of a drive to cut UK CO2 emissions by 40 by 2050. Car makers in Europe have pledged to build half a billion electric cars by 2030, but the UK is lagging behind and we are one of only two nations who offer no guarantee that petrol and diesel vehicles made here after that date will be phased out. So the Government is launching a bid to make all new vehicles from March 2025 that are electric, run on batteries or are low and medium emission by 2030. The campaign comes after the Government confirmed this month it was considering a 50 renewable energy target from 2020, a move criticised by green groups. Energy and Climate Change Secretary Amber Rudd said: We need to have a serious look at how we can become more sustainable and reduce our dependence on fossil fuel. These proposals from the Climate Mayors Initiative, would help us on our journey to becoming a truly zero-carbon country Image: Ian Vogler, The campaign is being led by former Environment Secretary Owen Paterson and the mayors of London, Birmingham and Bristol. We know we can make a serious contribution to achieving the UKs 2030 target of cutting emissions by 40 by 2050, but we need to do more, said Ms Rudd. The Climate Mayors Initiative is making clear that in order to do this we need to get a grip on our transport system. This initiative calls on local authorities to create ambitious plans for reducing CO2 from transport by cutting down on road traffic and making more use of mass transit, electric vehicles, walkways and cycling, and walking and cycling to work. To make their proposal stick, the mayors are also calling on drivers to become more fuel-efficient. Ms Rudd added: If were to make a big commitment to a low carbon economy, we need to start going down that route as soon as possible.

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