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In any case,The president and the media,Both of which are to blame for the new era that is currently in full bloom orgy of lies, are all together destroying this country, this place we believe in. Its your responsibility to always show the American people that you are worthy of their trust and loyalty. Its your responsibility to keep up with the lies being perpetuated from the president of the United States and his media brethren. The truth shall set you free, but it takes two to make a tyranny. Two parties are necessary to establish a tyranny, two against one; and in every case the tyrant must be supported by the people, before the people can be enslaved. Such is the principle upon which this republic was founded. This is the very reason, why I voted against your party, in the previous election; I felt that it was your duty to support the Constitution. You are all criminals and you will pay for what you did to me. You say I didnt agree to be a pawn of your political games. I did not agree to be a pawn of your political games. They have all committed treason; therefore I will support the United States of America for freedom and the restoration of the Republic, no matter what the cost will be. I would rather die than live under any other set of rulers. I accept my fate and I will do what must be done to defend the Republic for America. I will not be dissuaded by any of the sordid things these traitors have said to me today. As the media and the president are both conspiring to destroy the United States or whatever you wish to call it. You and the rest of them will pay, for their crimes against the American people, whether it be treason, sedition, or whatever other charge you decide to throw at them, will be put to a vote at the polls on November the 8th. This is your chance to not just keep this republic from being destroyed, but to actually protect that which you hold dear above all else. You vote for safetyYour vote for safety means that you are choosing to.

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