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This is the same formula as Krave Beauty Beet The Sun SPF 50 PA thats available in Korea. Uploaded by Liah YooIts kind of like a secret code, just between us. You need a guide to Kraves Castle, or you wont be able to get in. Krave looks at you and says: Lets start with a walk. Youre surprised by this, you wanted to be alone with him and youre not sure if its a good idea to trust him. You walk towards his tent and enter it, which is also not locked, which seems odd. You find him sitting on a bed and leaning his back against it. He notices your presence when he sees you. So are you looking for a guide to Kraves Castle. Sure, you can go up to the room and its locked. You are not going into that room, even if you were to just ask. Can you tell me how to go there. First, I told you that I could not help you because youre not a good enough warrior to complete my quest, and because youre not even going to be alive long enough to complete it, if you try to steal from me. Im not even going to tell you how to get there. No, you have to do it yourself, Krave says. No, no, I just want a guide, what do you need me to do. I need you to help me complete my quest. The sun itself is very powerful and could destroy Klyton if it ever exploded from its own power. I must find Klyton and wipe out them. If you can aid me and help me complete my quest, I will give you incredible power and then you will be able to eradicate Klyton right now. Ill even be able to finish my journey by the lake. But if you dont help me at all, then thats that. You feel a deep sense of dread as Krave explains that you have to.

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