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You give the Huda Lash Set an Up Down Up Down Left Right Left Right B A DIts a little weird, but you try it on and then start to run your fingers through your hair. You look so relaxed and carefree like youve never been before. You smile at yourself in the mirror and can feel your face getting warmer and soft. Your hands are like warm honey, you just cant wait to stroke them through your hair. You look so damn happy, you cant believe you ever felt this way before. You dont normally do this sort of thing too much, but it just seemed like the right time to actually get out of the house and enjoy yourself a bit. As youre getting out of the bathroom you notice something odd on the sink. Youre actually in a magical world of course, but you dont believe in magic, and if that was really going on then what the hell were you doing in the bathroom in the first place. You look around a bit more and then find another weird thing. A bunch of little kids, or probably girls, are sitting around a table making a lot of squealing noises. You actually cant tell, but you think the squeals are coming from inside of a dollhouse. The children are going in and out of a door on the side of the dollhouse, but they never emerge out. It seems like the whole dollhouse is a portal, like its leading somewhere else. You look at your hands and you see that theyve become a dark purple, and theyre slowly making claw like fingers and growing claws, but theyre not growing into anything really evil or anything. At this point you cant really figure out how to explain yourself to the person that you just saw. You could just say you were possessed by a doll or something like that. If thats true then the Huda Lash Set should do the trick. You just go to the salonDespite the weirdness of just being in a dollhouse and having strange hands, you dont think youll be able to explain it. A little bit of searching around the shop and there just happens to be a little room in the back where they do their hair. You think youll just go there and see whats going on. You go to the salon a few minutes before the salon owner is going to be there. You find out the owner is actually a little out of her field, so she asks you where youre from. Im from around the city, Im just wandering around the neighborhood because I heard they have the.

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