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You want The Beast as a Classic Disney Princess DollThe Beast was a princess afterall. No one else should get to play with him. You might as well give the doll to Princess Candace. You look at yourself with your beautiful blonde hair, your stunning olive complexions and your delicate features. For a little while, the thought of playing with yourself and being with you for the rest of my life was very exciting. What is this, another cruel prank from your over protective mother. The Beast, his heart is in the right place, but I think its time to move on. Im just saying, you dont have the best of reputations among the village children. And dont think that because I have three brothers my family will automatically come to my defense. I see that my decision has caused you to act like a little bit of a gentleman for the first time. Oh yes, Im well aware of how to behave in front of the ladies. You cant possibly know what it feels like to have a real girls body, Im sure the idea of having it in the form of a doll is a bit unsettling. The point is, you cant be in the village when you want to play with yourself. Im not a fucking village, Im not a fucking person. And, if you even THINK you can make me play with myself, you dont know me. If I think you can do ANYTHING to me, Ill find you, you know how I get. I assure you, I will make certain that you will have the best time that will ever be had playing with yourself. You will not play with yourself, You, You will not be playing with yourself. Even if it was a good time, you have a job to do and a life not worth living with that bitch. You give in to your urge to just shut off the screen and go to sleep. You dont get any of The Beasts attention, so why should he pay any attention to you. Maybe you could steal The Beast, but you cant just walk off with it and that was never one of your dreams anyway.

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