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Product Description Each shadow is packed in a sleek black container with a black lid. The containers are also adorned with a large black skull and crossbones to symbolize the killing of you. When you put the containers into your bag, blood squirts out all over your bag and you find that your entire body is covered in it. You begin trembling and having violent fits of weeping. You decide that you are not going to be able to do this, however after much struggling you manage to force your bag closed and you hear the sound of a zipper being undone. This should be the shadow that you are using you think as you pull it out and begin rubbing it with your finger. The next three are of similar colors, but lighter. You feel that your skin begins to tingle. You begin to panic, are you becoming cursed. Suddenly you feel a strong will of will to live, that was there before, but it was stronger. You begin to feel a tremendous pleasure as you rub and lick the shadows. You say, as your world begins to spin a little more. The last shadow is the darkest, very black with a slight purple glow. You cant recall ever holding such a shadow, so you hold it. You can feel a little of yourself in it, the same essence that you are trying to destroy. You can feel that you are growing, and your destruction is only going to help you in your growth. You can feel that you are going to be able to destroy your enemies and bring peace into this world, youll just have to keep at it. Your eyes begin to tear up as you begin to weep as you rub the shadow, almost as if your eyes are crying out to you, begging you for it to stay. When you have finished, you suddenly feel a small pain in your side, you turn to see why you were having pain, and you see that it is a nail. The pain is quickly gone, however your side is still cold. You attempt to hold the shadow to your side, but you find that it doesnt fit. It is only so big that it cannot fit in your palm. Feeling defeated, you begin to cry out and cry out until you cannot more. You begin to feel tired from crying and your eyelids droop closed. You are going to try to hold the shadow so it fits and it should make more. You hold it and try to find a way to squeeze it in. You continue to rub and squeeze and rub and squeeze until it fits almost perfectly into your palm.

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