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The Huda Beauty New Nude eyeshadow palette. The Huda Beauty New Nude eyeshadow palette. The Huda Beauty New Nude eyeshadow Palette is a new collection of new Nude shadows that gives you a large selection to pick from that are super pigmented and blends so nicely together, there for it works and really do look like a one of a kind look. It has a high luster finish with a velvety smooth finish and smooth blending. The shadows are also a good medium warm toned which is perfect for anyone who is pale like myself. The shadows are blended really well together and the shades really pop. The Huda Beauty New Nude eyeshadow palette is now available in 6 different shades. The shadows in the Huda Beauty New Nude eyeshadow Palette are: 1 Peach Melba 2 Strawberry Cucumber 3 Vanilla Caramel 4 Chocolate Chip 5 Orange Crush 6 Tropical NudeHow To Get TheseColors:Method 1: Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Primer, Phew. Now you can get the Huda makeup shadows youre looking for at a great price. Step 1:Apply a good amount of Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Primer to your lids. Step 2:Now apply 6-8 large dabs of Huda Beauty New Nude eyeshadow to your lids. Step 3:When done, brush off excess. Step 4:Now apply your favorite eyeshadow to your lids. Method 2: I Miss Piggy EyeshadowIf youre on the fence about the Huda beauty brand, but you know you want to try them out, then theres really no reason not to get the I Miss Piggy eyeshadows. These eyeshadows are designed specifically for the Huda Beauty brand. You cant go wrong with either method. If you dont want to spend a whole lot of money, you can probably get by by only using the Makeup Geek and by the end of your run of the palette they should even be a more permanent shade of eyeshadow. 99, but its a good deal since it comes with an additional 12-15 eyeshadows, and you get an additional 8-9 Huda Beauty.

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