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This just gives you a light, glowy, almost glowy-glowy look. This will make your lips very glossy, plus it will even out your skin tone and make your lipstick look less frosty. You will then want to set with a matte lipstick. If you want something a little more dramatic, here is my favorite product for those times: Swipe on Bite Beauty Verbena. It might look a little matte here, but remember thats what makes your makeup look more natural and natural is what youre looking for here. This one will also help set your makeup. If you dont want to use Amuse Bouche or Verbena. This one is very sheer, so it will look very natural on your lips. This is so matte that it looks like you just put your lips on some sort of matte liquid lipsticks. Swipe a layer of Bite Beauty Verbena on top of your Lipgloss, s and let it set a little before applying your lipstick. If you want something that is a bit more sparkly, here is my favorite: Swipe on the Swatch Color Palette. It is an all-natural liquid lipstick that looks so pretty. Use this and Swatch Color to create a sparkly look. Image copyright Reuters Image caption Many Colombians want to see President Santos removed from powerA day after his election victory, newly-elected Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has said he would try to cut back on the militarys role in politics. The left-wing leader said he would seek to have a more democratic military to reduce the political power of the armed forces. More than 2,400 people have been killed in the last five years in Colombias worst conflict since the 1970s. The left-wing Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, Farc, is among those demanding the end of the government. President Santos is due to be confirmed as head of state on Thursday and could become a one-time ally in talks to reduce the huge drug trade in the country. The Farc, whose name means Good War is part of a leftist insurgency which is fighting for more autonomy, better wages and more power. Its aim is to end a 44-year-old war of independence between the government and the countrys second biggest rebel group. Lose more peopleMr Santos said his first act as president would be to request an audit report into the military budget, which he said had.

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