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After pictures of people who used 1 rating You try it on yourselfMy skin isnt really damaged you say, I think Ill try it on myself first you say. You put on your new skin softening cream and rub it in for a few minutes until its completely soaked up, then you pull it up to your face and rub in more. Well, my skin is a little more supple, I guess Im used to it by now. You think as you start to walk towards the front gate. You step through the gate, and all is well. Suddenly you notice something odd, the guards are looking at you differently. Now they stare at your chest, the flesh hanging down on your chest is now a lighter tinge. As you walk down the road, you see people dressed in the clothing of many different lands, from the browns of the Earth King to the pearly whites of the Princess, a small army of horsemen with banners flapping, the banner of Summer waving in the breeze. As you walk you keep looking and feel a strange urge to try on clothing, it would be so easy to change clothes, now that you know what you did to yourself. Im going to try something new you think as you see something in the distance, something out of the ordinary. How strange, the sun is out you think Perhaps these clothes look familiar The sun is actually not quite out, but now your clothes look rather like what you had on before. You walk on, as the sun sets behind the castle and the colors of the city slowly fade. You keep looking, seeing the colors of the sky, a great dome of blue above. Your journey is not over yet, but the feeling of a strange, strange desire fades as you enter the palace. You take a seat in the throne room and begin to take things off. You notice in the corner of the room, the clothing rack. You stare at it for several minutes, staring at your clothes. You put on your clothes and leave, feeling a great sense of accomplishment as you change into your own clothes and walk towards the palace. You find out about the worldYou find out about the world as it truly is in the great hall. The sun is out and people are happy, enjoying their foods. You walk down the steps as you feel a strange sense of pride for your actions, you are a very special person.

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