In stockA variety of Calathea ornata, the Calathea Beauty Star has elegantly shaped green …

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The Calathea Beauty Star is pretty in pink-ish, but theleafs are great. We have plenty of a lot more You cant. Im really sorry, but this flower is made with a dye that contains dyes that can cause allergic reactions in sensitive people. Oh well, maybe youll like them after youve gotten over your allergy. While you cant prove to her that you are, you do know that this is a better alternative for you than going back home. But still, youre a little worried about what will happen now. Would they try to kill you when you arrive here. Since they just left, you head up the steps and then turn around after exiting the elevator. The three of you are standing in the foyer of the shelter when Klyton arrives. Ah, good to see you two make it. Re pretty much giving you our house as a free place to stay. T make a habit of lying since it will just be one more thing for us to worry about at a later time. Re still trying to wrap your head around this, but Captain Gruz seems to be fairly reassuring. M not expecting you to just jump to my defense as well. Ll be there to support you no matter what. He remarks and leaves you to ponder your options.

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