In an interview to Rolling Stones, the country singer said …

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He also said hes looking forward to the party when hes not even there. You dont need to come, as long as you are here to have fun. You arent going, you have a job to do. You arent going to be spending your hard earned money to go to a party hosted by your little sister just to hang out with her and get wasted. You say, Im going, but dont get your hopes up for anything. When you get home, you finally start dealing with your new reality. Your sister Donna is home from college and she greets you. You sit on her couch and ask her about all the parties shes going to. Oh, I went to so many that I cant remember them all. Every week, it was like a different city or town. When it was the weekend, I was more relaxed, but most of the time I stayed up until midnight going to as many parties as I could, always getting drunk and making out with the guys there. But I was also so drunk I would have sex with so many different guys and not remember much of it. Shes still a bit drunk and talking fast now. The thing is, I dont remember much of anything ever after that. I thought I was having a bad trip, but, I knew it wasnt the case. I knew that I just blacked out and passed out. But it was still a pretty weird experience, I didnt even realize that I had sex on my own. I didnt even know where I put my clothes and shoes, but I was so drunk that I didnt care. Youre a little surprised to hear this from your sister, but she seems to be a little emotional. She goes on to tell you that she hasnt had sex in years and she hasnt even had a boyfriend in that time. It takes a little time for you to get her to tell you a little more about herself, but ultimately she tells you a little about herself. Shes a bit of a party girl and she used to drink a lot with her friends. One night, she decided it would be a good idea to go to a party, and she just went. She tells you that she went to this party, and it was very loud. There was a lot of alcohol and she didnt know it, but she actually got high, though she thinks that she wasnt really high, she was just really drunk.

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