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Please do not discuss this topic on the review, talk about it in the review. The opinions of this blog do not reflect opinions of the MOVIEMAKER. In an effort to combat the ever growing issue of cyber crimes, the city of Nuro has passed a law that criminalizes the use of the internet without express written consent of the owner. They also have ordered the creation of a cyber crime unit that is to be staffed by the most talented, the most dedicated and is to be lead by Lieutenant Colonel Valtor. Despite his reputation for being cold and calculating, youre not going to be the one to go against this law. You decide to volunteer to be the first volunteer, because you have much to prove. As you head into the cyber crime unit, you pass several other people working on their own projects. Your fellow volunteer is a tall burly guy with a bushy brown beard and a large axe for a hand. Names Quayle, whats your real name. Im the chief hacker for Nuro and in charge of defending the city. The next volunteer is a young woman whos pretty and has a mole on her left cheek, but has long blonde hair and large round brown eyes. Names Bets, whats your real name. I run a very successful cyber crime ring in the city, and run a cyber training program for the next generation of cyber criminals. You explain that youre in charge of a team that has been trying to get a new computer system up and running in time for the upcoming Nuro tournament. Youve been having issues with the old one they have, because the software theyre using has a fatal bug in it. The new one they need is supposed to be much more secure, but you just havent had time to get it up and running. We need to get this computer system up and running in time for the tournament. Theres going to be a thousand dollar bounty if we have a system that can win it. You tell them that they need to get the problem fixedI cant fix that problem, you say. This problem is fatal and if I had the time, Id be able to fix it. If you want you can just skip ahead a few weeks to the Nuro tournament and win it all by yourself; the computer wont be at its best.

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