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We embrace all aspects of Americana and are not afraid to be different. Ve been a proud Latina all my life. I was in the seventh grade when I saw that first picture of me, in that white dress. I was in the studio of my grandfather and he was taking some pictures of me. Just that one moment with him, looking into his eyes. All those years later, I could still recognize him in that picture. I remember holding the picture and it was all I could think about. S when you see someone and that person just touches your heart, you feel connected to everything they do and are. For me, that day made me believe that I could do anything. Ve been called a Latina, a sultry one, an exotic beauty, a seductress, and a lot of other things. To him, we were people, and we could not be replaced. I want you to know that we can be happy. I want you to feel the satisfaction of my hand on your heart and my breath on your skin. I want you to know that I will be by your side the whole time.

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