Im ashamed of this country Kirstie Allsopp rages after aggressive airport encounter

Kirstie Allsopp admits she doesn't like 'mean' reputation

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Kirstie Allsopp has taken to Twitter and blasted the “rude and aggressive questioning” directed toward her stepson’s girlfriend at the airport upon her arrival in the UK. The Location, Location, Location star laid the blame on the UK Government as she branded it “their fault”.

The Channel 4 star slammed airport staff for being “rude and abrupt” as she claimed hardly any of the E-gates were opened.

They are typically used for visitors to use their electronic passport gates to speed up their entry into the UK.

In view of her 424,000 followers, Kirstie penned: “I am ashamed of this country.

“Aggressive questioning of visitors, rude abrupt staff and less than 50% of E gates working at @HeathrowAirport Terminal 2.

“I know this is not the fault of the airport, it is the fault of our Government and it is a crap way to welcome people.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s sister Rachel Johnson reacted saying: “There were only two E-gates open on 7 August Terminal 2.”

Kirstie continued her online tirade as she warned the UK Government of “killing” tourism in this country.

“This time I saw the questioning of my stepson’s French girlfriend,” she complained.

“Why is there any need for that attitude?! We used to have a reputation for good manners. Why is our Government trying to kill tourism?!!!”

Her comments were met with some division, as one queried: “Be fair, the government don’t train border staff. These people are employed to seek the facts, not make new friends.”

Another commented: “Kirsty it’s nothing to do with our Government.” (sic)

However, others appeared to be in agreement with the property expert.


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One penned: “I’ve been to the US many times. They are “robust” but nowhere near as bad as the horror stories I’ve heard from US friends trying to enter Britain. I suspect there’s more of a jobsworth mentality in the UK border staff.”

Another commented: “It never ceases to amaze me how surly immigration / customs staff can be at British points of entry. It has been ever thus though – the French are positively polite and helpful in comparison.”

Kirstie later tweeted her frustration as she shared why border staff are not more friendly.

She said: “What’s wrong with ‘Good Afternoon, may I ask you some questions?'”

In a follow-up post, the TV presenter urged people to continue to call out “rudeness and bad service”.

Kirstie tweeted: “If we don’t protect our country by calling out rudeness, bad service and scams like the Day 2 tests then who will?”

She added: “I’m not complaining I’m campaigning #SaveUKTourism @VisitBritain @visitlondon. has contacted Heathrow representatives for comment.

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