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But its not the problems that are causing problems for you. Ve been running and hiding away from the past and now finally its time to face it. The truth of the matter is, being a woman has never been easy for you. Growing up with a father who wasnt your biological father, or just didnt make his feelings good enough to you, was only compounded by the fact that he was a complete asshole. Your mother had her own problems, namely she was really fucking ugly and had no money. At some point your mother divorced your father and took care of all your other relatives to support herself. When she gave birth to you, she was so young that she got a little careless and your father was never around. You dont even know if he was really alive. Re told something completely different about your past. It was one of the few consistent things about all your life, the other thing being your father just disappearing one day. T lacking in skill, a single shitty parent, and lack of money, you know she was never a good mother. You remember one time when you were around five or six years old your mother took you into the back yard to play, and she said she was going to the bathroom. You ran over to see what was wrong and found your mother trying to get undressed by leaning against a tree and fondling herself. Even a five year old could tell something was wrong. S weird behaviors started going downhill when she hit puberty. A couple years later, she started telling people that you were not her biological son, and that one day you were going to get a letter saying you were adopted. At some point when your mother was around twenty you started running away from her. Then your mom would follow you. She would steal your clothes too, and eventually you were so hungry that you just went on the streets to get whatever food you could. It never mattered how bad the weather was, how hungry or how dirty you were. You just wanted attention, a little attention, and you got it. Your mom would beg for money and give you.

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