If youre personally coping with PCOS, always remember that you are …

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If youre worried about how this is going to affect your daily life, I promise you havent been thinking about it too much. Just like how it wasnt until a couple of months ago that I actually got around to having a second child. Im sure the initial shock of having a baby for the first time will be less with each passing month. And dont judge me, because Im not trying to hide something. I just havent been in the greatest head space to process things, because the PCOS has been a dark cloud hovering over this entire day. And I was too nervous to even go on Instagram back in June because I was in so much denial. Ive been doing a little better each day and now Im glad that I finally decided to share what Im experiencing because I want people to know that it isnt all doom and gloom. So Im sharing the good, the bad and the ugly on my journey with PCOS. Heres to hoping it can be conquered just like Ive conquered so many other battles. AdvertisementsThis blog is a work in progress that is trying to make a real attempt at a science fiction setting. This blog is based off a setting of a world called Gloom. It is described using the Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition Advanced Class Guide. The setting is a dark and twisted dystopian future and it is one that humans have lost all hope of fixing. Humanity has been unable to stop mass genocide, a plague known as the Scourge, that was unleashed a thousand years ago. The infection has been spreading ever since and now has almost reached the edge of the universe. The Scourge is a virus that mutates the victim into something horrific. This horrible mutation is caused by the strain the plague was exposed to, something that nobody is quite sure what exactly. It has been theorized that the disease was somehow modified from something else, but there are still no true answers as to what the Scourge is or what exactly the cause of the plague was. In a matter of a few years, there is nothing left on the planet except corpses, or the sick, mutated animals such as the undead. You are a character who lived in a city on the surface that was protected at one point by a giant wall.

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