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Ll get time for lunch today, which you had mentioned to her as the best time to talk. You think about what she said about lunchYou decide to take your lunch break then, which gives you time to think about what she said about lunch. You look at your watch and realize you have a lot more time to spare, which means you just might be able to eat lunch in the cafeteria. M going to wait for you to come in, okay. You walk to the cafeteria as you have no time to waste. T see anyone, so you just go to the back of the cafeteria and wait around until a person comes by. You turn around and see a girl wearing a red coat and her eyes widen as she sees you. The girl is probably around ten years old, and her face is scrunched up pretty bad. She must only be hearing her mom for most of this because her voice is almost a squeak. T know you were coming, I was just in a meeting and then I came running up to eat my snack when I saw you and I have been eyeing you ever since. S expecting you to bite you or something. As soon as she said that her eyes widened even more. Know I can tell because your eyes are so big. Re not handsome, but you got that cool look. M not really thinking much right now. You follow her to the garbage can and attempt to grab her hand, but shes already run off into the cafeteria. You say and quickly head to the meeting room. You see a bunch of papers scattered about and you quickly.

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