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Theres something not right with that, you say to yourself. You refuse to participateYou decide against any kind of celebrity names. You cant take the responsibility of identifying the names of people you dont know, and you want to make it simple. You decide to get out of the cityIts so simple, you refuse to even consider it. You turn around and head back to town. As the tram pulls away, you feel a strange pain in your back. You cant help but stop the tram just to get it treated, but some of the patients wont let you. You look down and see the same wound you had last time. You dont know whats happened, but it doesnt look good. Its only a matter of time before it becomes infected. You dont ask any questions, you head home and lie in bed for the rest of the night. The next day, you take what little money you have to go to the drugstore and grab a few different types of painkillers. You take it and head out to the city again. When you enter the city, you see so many people around. Youve never experienced anything like it before. A large group of people all chatting about the same random stuff and laughing. You look around and realize you arent anywhere special. The only thing unusual about you is, that you were with a girl, and that the wound you had last time wasnt infected. It doesnt matter what you did, its pretty much common knowledge. Youre not even surprised to hear what happened to the girl. You head back to the park and take the tram down the street. Soon, you reach the same tram stop as last time. You take a seat and the tram driver looks up as he pulls up next to you. You watch as he goes to talk to one of the guys who sits in front of you. The driver returns and opens the door for you and you climb in. As the tram starts moving, you notice it has a few scratches and scratches on it. The driver looks at the scratches and then looks at you. He holds up a piece of paper thats covered in scars. No, Im sorry, but I cant tell you that.

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