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You just take the generic store brand thats been mixed up with the other random and mixed up crap. You know you cant be trusted, so you figure if youre going to trust the crap Trader Joes has, and you still arent sure about that you might as well just get the shit thats basically the same shit you see other poor bastards throw away at some of the stores aisles. However, as youre rummaging through a dumpster, you notice something different. A bottle of something that looks like a generic natural lotion made using a natural, read: NOT vegan, extract. I swear, Ive been smelling honey all over and its not even from a nearby bee hive. You rub your wrists and then begin to vigorously rub a small patch of the lotion over your arms and along your chest. Its a lotion that you cant even begin to believe has such a slight smell. The honey scent is enough to make your eyes water, but then, you dont need honey to give you a boost of energy. You can feel the warm and fuzzy feeling emanating from the lotion as you rub. You take another long swig and feel your senses start to dull. But then, youre starting to feel your headache beginning to lessen. Thats when you notice a slight change in the scenery. Just as you thought, the real world seems to be returning around and you notice that the crowds arent so rampant. You also notice the streets are much quieter. For the first time in hours, youre not a complete mess. You feel an odd sort of peace as you stand there by yourself in this otherwise empty street. As you start to wonder what this natural lotion is exactly, you hear the sound of wheels on pavement and the smell of something burnt begins to linger in the air. You look up as you notice that the car is still turned off and the passenger door is open. You dont know what kind of vehicle it is, but its not the sort that you would be driving in. You slowly get out of the dumpster and see the door of the car open. I think I got something, you say and run to the door. The car is completely out of shape, it isnt even moving. You open the door and see a middle-aged man in a tight fitting, green t-shirt and baggy jeans sitting in the rear drivers seat, staring out the window. You think you can make out the word Pizza and.

This article about Trader joes beauty