I thought long and hard Kate Garraways dilemma over new Derek Draper documentary

Kate Garraway recalls ‘bursting into tears’ over Derek

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Good Morning Britain presenter Kate Garraway told how she “thought long and hard” about making the ITV documentary, Caring for Derek, as he continues to recover from long Covid. Taking to social media, the newsreader, 54, admitted she did not take the decision lightly but ultimately wanted to help others who had been affected in the same way by the virus.

I thought long and hard about letting cameras into our lives again

Kate Garraway

The broadcaster told her 1.1 million followers how she hoped to address the wider impact of Covid in the documentary as it airs this evening.

Kate wrote: “I thought long and hard about letting cameras into our lives again because as with the 1st one #FindingDerek I wanted it to offer more than just sharing what my family has been through.

“I wanted it to also shine a light on issues that I know affect all of you.

“I pray it gives hope to everyone who is battling on with whatever life has thrown at you,” she added.

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The ITV star continued: “The heroes of this documentary are the carers, doctors & nurses who are giving Derek the chance to even try to recover.

“I salute the carers everywhere who fight on for their loved ones.

“Do let me know what you think.

“@ITV TONIGHT 9pm #hope #love #miracle #carers,” she concluded.

Kate’s post comes as the presenter revealed that she took her husband-of-17-years to Mexico so that he could undergo cutting-edge medical treatment at a specialist clinic.

After viewing Finding Derek last year, an eminent doctor in the States had reached out to the journalist, inviting Derek to receive treatment at the clinic in Mexico.

However, Derek had to undergo oxygen and pressure tests to check he was able to cope with the 16-hour transatlantic flight but successfully managed to make the journey.

The former lobbyist has received specialist treatment at a clinic in Monterrey and is set to return for 28 days next month, while healthcare professionals continue to monitor his brain, liver and lung function.

Speaking about their trip across the pond, Kate said that her husband was “desperate to get better”.

She told The Sun: “It took weeks and weeks of planning, and when I told Derek about this place he was excited.

“He is just so desperate to get better – he will do anything he can to make that happen.

“I think actually there’s a huge amount of hope for him to improve. I think the treatment could be positive.”

However, the broadcaster also admitted that she was being “careful about saying too much” in case things don’t go to plan.

“I don’t want to start something, offering up false hope to others who might be in a similar position,” she said.

“But I’m just so desperate to be able to give a happy ending — for Derek mainly, but also for everybody who asks me every day how he’s getting on.

Caring for Derek airs tonight at 9pm on ITV.

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