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I purchase this for Leslie and will consider buying another one for myself. Government is warning Americans to be on the lookout for a new strain of malicious software that has targeted medical clinics in the United States by trying to compromise their computers and demanding a ransom in Bitcoin. The WannaCry malware has affected dozens of computer at multiple medical clinics in several U. States, according to a statement from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDCIt says the malware attacks took place between May 12 and May 16 and the malware is currently spreading to new locations. There are many theories as to how WannaCry got started. Some analysts say its a so-called hacking campaign called Mirai. Others say its a government weapon, perhaps a hacking tool stolen from the NSA. Computer Emergency Readiness Team, US-CERT, is warning citizens to immediately update all software and turn off the devices they use to access the Internet, the statement reads. T pay the ransom demand, as this could lead to your data being permanently lost. The ransomware has infected systems in many countries and several organizations in the United States have been hit. The New York Health Department said that an incident had been detected for its system over the weekend; the agency said in its statement that the ransomware went undetected throughout the entire system and the department was able to recover the files. On Wednesday, the CDC said it had been notified of the first infection in the U. The morning of May 12, about the time that Microsoft released a Windows update to fix the vulnerability that the WannaCrypt ransomware exploited. This was followed by a second infection two days later when patients at a Massachusetts hospital were hit, the CDC said. It is important to note that WannaCry is not related to earlier ransomware attacks that affected hundreds of thousands of users in more than 150 countries and resulted in the theft of sensitive data, the CDC said. The FBI is actively investigating these new ransomware attacks and is working with our international partners to investigate this new variant of WannaCry. The agency advised systems to disable BitLocker, a security technology that encrypts sensitive data on a computer and makes it hard for users to access it.

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