I don’t race back home now Maureen Lipman shared heartbreaking remark on partners death

Corrie's Maureen Lipman opens up on living with Rula Lenska

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Maureen Lipman, 74, lost her partner Guido Castro back in January 2021 and has opened up on how his sudden passing has emotionally impacted her life. The Coronation Street actress shared she no longer rushes to get back home after long days of filming, as the presence of her long-time love is sadly missing from the residence.

Speaking on her new normal, Maureen said: “I lost my partner last January. We have just had a stone setting for him, so I feel that is some degree of closure.

“But it changes the pattern of your life because I don’t race back home now.

“I rent a flat in MediaCity for the days I’m filming Coronation Street in Manchester. I set my alarm for 6.30am and tend to have hot lemon and water when I wake up. Sometimes I have a cold bath,” she added to The Times.

Maureen was left devastated following the death of her partner Guido, who had previously contracted coronavirus, which left him “weakened”.

The actress said at the time her “heart was cracking” after her beloved partner died in his respite home.

Maureen revealed he had previously contracted Covid but that was not what had “killed him”.

She revealed: “He got Covid – it wasn’t Covid that killed him but it weakened him terribly.

“We don’t know how he got it or when or if he had it when he got the vaccine,” she added to The Mail.

The couple had been dating for 13 years.

Maureen was previously married to playwright Jack Rosenthal, who died in 2004.

The veteran star previously shared she had to be apart from Guido due to medical concerns amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking on Lorraine in 2020, Maureen shared: “Guido and I have been apart recently – we couldn’t self-isolate together because of his health – but I feel lucky that we have that.

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The Coronation Street star also said she is considering going under the knife after looking at recent footage of herself on a recent ITV job.

But Maureen is frightened to death of a botched job as she wants to improve the “two sacks” under her eyes.

After seeing a clip of herself under unflattering lighting, the actress said: “I thought, ‘My God, you’re growing to look like a peregrine falcon, Maureen, with a disproportionate beak.’

“What can I do? Everyone’s having stuff injected into their faces… I’m frightened to death – I know what would happen.

“It would all coagulate in one place,” she added.

Elsewhere, the star has banned Coronation Street bosses from putting her in sex scenes, as she insisted that her character on the soap would never remove her vest.

Before joining the long-running soap the actress worked extensively in theatre, including being a part of the Royal Shakespeare Company.

In 2018 she rejoined Coronation Street as Evelyn after previously appearing on the series for a period in 2002.

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