I cry. All my pals are having babies Vicky Pattison on children after ovarian cyst found

Vicky Pattison celebrates her anniversary with Ercan Ramadan

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Vicky Pattison has admitted getting upset as her “all her friends” are now having babies. In a new interview, the I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! winner addressed having a fmaily in light of her health news.

I cry, because all my friends are having babies

Vicky Pattison

It was at the end of November the 34-year-old tearfully explained how a 4cm sized cyst had been found on her left ovary.

The reality star had been “struggling” with her periods for a while and decided to speak to a doctor.

Following blood tests and an ultrasound, “abnormalities” on her ovaries were found.

Vicky has now shared her thoughts on having a baby with personal trainer Ercan Ramadan.

She discussed how the 38-year-old stood by her side when she was told conceiving naturally could be difficult.

“I’ve spent so long picking the wrong men,” Vicky stated. “I cry, because all my friends are having babies and I’ve only got a dog.

“Ercan is a lovely person, I’ve never been nicer than with him.”

The ex Geordie Shore favourite went on to recall Ercan’s reaction to being told them having children could be hard.

Vicky continued: “He said, ‘It’s absolutely fine, we’ll be fine, and if we’re not there’s other ways to be a parent’.

“Then, he started talking about adoption and it made us love him even more.”

“He’ll be a great dad when the time is right. I hope I’ll be a good mam,” she added to The Sun.

She is preparing to release her self-help book turned autobiography, The Secret To Happy, this month.

During her chat with the aforementioned publication, Vicky admitted “jeopardising everything” when alcohol took over her life.

The small screen regular found fame at 22 on MTV’s Geordie Shore, before being crowned queen of I’m a Celebrity in 2015.

However, the Newcastle-born influencer has said she felt “lost and alone” after the win and she hated the person she became, downing up to ten drinks a day.

Vicky said she was convinced fans would realise “I wasn’t anything special” and she’d lose everything she had achieved.

As things spiralled, the star turned up late for jobs in no “fit state” to work.

Yesterday, Vicky took to Instagram to mark the start of 2022 with a snap and herself and Ercan.

She wrote: “I don’t know what 2022 has in store for me, I don’t suppose any of us know really – but I do know that whatever this year throws at me, it’ll be a hell of a lot easier to deal with – with people like this by my side.”

The Secret to Happy: How to build resilience, banish self-doubt and live the life you deserve will be released on Thursday.

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