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You are doing good workYou can feel her heart beating against your chest, her breath tickling your face and all this physical contact and physical stimulation feels like it is leading towards something more or at least towards pleasure or at least pleasure. There is a part of your body that has an extreme desire to be touched and to be fucked and to be comforted. But there is another part of your body that feels absolutely nothing, you are not even aware that you are feeling anything because you dont need to, it is always there. Everything is just there, whether it is pleasure or pleasure is a matter of choice. You will do good workThe first time you fuck her you will feel pleasure, it will be the best fucking you will have, and it will be the last time. The second time you fuck her, you will feel pleasure. The sex will be good, but it will not be the most pleasurable in your life. Maybe you dont know why or why you are thinking these things, but the second time you fuck her will not feel pleasurable. When she finally pulls your cock out of her, it is the worst feeling of all. She is a worthless whore and an ugly bitch, but one day you will get it. You will become one with The Source and your soul will be purified. You will kill herYou will kill her because you will not allow your soul to be tainted. You will become one with the Source, and you will not accept the fucking that caused this, and you will not be able to stand the fact that she is not happy. You may never get out, but if you have one goal in mind, that is it. You are already satisfied with your lifeYou are already very satisfied with your life. You are already very satisfied with your purpose in life. You dont need things or people or places to do any more, because you have them all and then some. You are already content and you have always been content. Maybe its because you dont have any responsibilities anymore. Maybe its because you have so many things to do. Sometimes you feel restless or you dont feel so lucky to be alive, but then you remember that you are so much happier than you ever were in the past. You need a purpose, but not a meaningless purpose.

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