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You laugh as you run off and buy it. You spend a whole day trying to buy the entire line, but unfortunately its not as easy as it seems. Every shopkeeper you talk to about it seems to have their own personal reason for being out of stock. Eventually, you have to accept that its not going to be possible. Youre still a little angry though: you really wanted to buy it. You spend the next few days looking for a shop that might have some stock. You end up going to an online shop and asking them to order the item for you. It doesnt come for a week though so youre back at square one. You buy from the online shopI think the online shop has it, maybe they just dont want to sell it to me. You go to the online shop which looks an awful lot like another online shop which is also out of stock, but this one is in a different country. After some research and asking questions, you find out that the shopkeeper here has the item: The Shiro Shiro You accept the deliveryYes. You say to yourself as you run off and get the delivery. Youre actually happy to get the delivery, and are really happy the shopkeeper is happy to sell it to you. You talk to the shopkeeperAs youre about to leave the shop, you see a very cute girl wearing a black dress. She seems to be looking out for you, so you decide to talk to her. You say and start talking to her about the item you want. You repeat back, happy youve found her. You ask her where the shop is, and she tells you that its in some other city. You thank her and run off with the box of items and get in the car. You soon realize you forgot your wallet in the store and have no idea where youre going to go. You drive to another city, the only way to get there is hitchhikingYou get on the road and drive into a little town. You look for a place to sleep, but none open up so you decide to get a hotel room. A while later, you decide where to go, and decide to head to a different city. Youre really tired and want to lie down. You also hear the same cute girl screaming from the hotel. You decide to hitch ride, you hope shes pretty.

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