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Your body should be healthy, toned, and healthy, toned, healthy. The next day when you wake up, youre just getting comfortable, you look down and your body feels very tired. You feel an itch to scratch something, maybe the pain or just a need to scratch something off you list of responsibilities. You decide to give the water bottle a shake to see if it could still hold enough for you to drink and you feel it does. Ll get sick, but you need to keep going. You feel like you can make it through today. Re going to fall over from thirst now. You go back to it and drink, but it gives out before you finish. This is the price you pay for living your life. You figure you have something left of life left, so you just keep pushing it until you die and can rest in peace. The itching in the joints is starting to go away now and you feel a little better about yourself. You take a look around and get your bearings. Your room is clean with a bed spread on the floor. You go over to it and close your eyes. Ve been doing for the past few days. T even realize when you fall asleep and wake up. Re not hurt, you just lie there in a heap on the floor. You get up slowly and look around to see if anyone is around and you find no one.

Article about Neocell beauty infusion