Hugh Grant tells Nigel Farage to ‘go f*** yourself’ over campaign against Net Zero

Nigel Farage discusses UK’s Net Zero targets

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Notting Hill actor Hugh Grant blasted Nigel Farage on Twitter last night. The angry tweet came after the former Brexit Party leader called the Prime Minister’s Net Zero plans “ruinous”, demanding a referendum on the matter. 

Hugh, 61, pulled no punches as he told Nigel, 57, exactly what he thought of his proposal. 

In view of his 721,900 Twitter followers, he simply wrote: “Russian warship – go f**k yourself.”

The tweet came in response to another Nigel had posted an hour earlier in regards to his views on Net Zero.

Last night he wrote: “I am launching a new campaign to kill off Boris Johnson’s ruinous green agenda. 

“We demand a referendum on Net Zero.

“Read all about it in the Mail on Sunday,” he added with a screenshot of the article attached. (sic)

The Mail on Sunday piece shared details of the campaign named Britain Means Business, which he founded alongside his Leave Means Leave co-founder Richard Tice.

Nigel’s campaign calls for the abandonment of the Prime Minister’s flagship green policy, which the political figure has described as “a scandal of epic proportions”.


Hugh didn’t waste any time in calling Nigel out, with many siding with the Paddington 2 actor.

Sue wrote: “When are you going to stand for PM @HackedOffHugh? 

“The president of Ukraine acted the part of a pm and then became one …”

While Kathy Wade replied: “He’d get my vote, and he dances well too, especially difficult dancing down stairs imo! He could handle the top job.” (sic)

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Hugh played the British Prime Minister in the 2003 Richard Curtis film Love Actually, which features a famously comedic dance scene behind the doors of Number 10.

Helen Gallon also agreed with Hugh, writing: “His Brexit leaves us short of food and now he wants to kill our young people’s future completely.”

Jo added: “Nige just sits in his pants in the wee hours working out the next culture war bandwagon he can jump on.”

Johnson’s government announced its Net-Zero strategy ahead of Cop26 climate talks in October 2021.

The policy outlined how the UK plans to reach its target of net zero emissions by 2050.

Net-Zero refers to a state in which the greenhouse gases going into the atmosphere are balanced by removal out of the atmosphere. 

In practice, this means that – for CO2 at least – the UK would stop contributing to global warming.

Russia supplies about 40 per cent of the EU’s natural gas imports, while the rest mostly comes from Norway and Algeria.

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