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BurkeCNN, CNN, – After years of being labeled as little more than socialist, the Republican Party is about to get big and bold as it heads into an era of big government. But the real question is: Will it do it in the name of Ronald Reagan. After all, some of Reagans most ardent supporters are still in control of the party today. Its also unclear if this Republican conservatism can win as it has in the past, because the old Republican Party itself is beginning to show signs of fracturing. In an attempt to find out, I am asking people to vote on a word that best describes what the Republican Party stands for today:Reagan was the answer I got from more than a quarter of Republicans and non-Republicans. Liberal was next in line and Socialist was not far behind, but Conservative was just slightly behind. As with so many things in life, what you think of the Republicans may depend on your political perspective. For them though, there can be no doubt – these are the words that best describe who they are today and who theyve been for decades. If they were the party of Big Government that gave us welfare queens to make up for the failure of the free market, then they have really left that legacy behind. Instead of the Republican Party, we now have a large group of conservatives who have been known to believe Mitt Romney wants to take everybodys guns, or Obama is a Muslim or Dont ask, dont tell is the law of the land, or I thought God gave all people 10 fingers, except atheists. They are no longer the party of small government, they are the party of Im not going to waste my time, money or energy worrying about what the government is doing. If the Republicans were the party of family values, then they are the party that says same-sex couples cant raise children together or they believe that God wants you to beat your wife.

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