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Huda has also been nominated for one of the 2017 Time 500 and The Worlds Most Successful People. Huda Kattan s products have been praised by The Elite on Instagram. Huda Beauty is-your personal beauty care. A product that claims to help you look like a model, glam up your skin and make you thinner is probably not going to be a good investment for your health. This is a product thats going to make you feel a little more like a consumerist pig, not a consumerist pig who has just been taken advantage of. To a degree, this is all a bit of a familiar argument, but I also wonder whether or not you guys are even making an argument. Huda Kattan and her brand are basically saying that her products make people look and feel good, regardless of their actual healthiness. To me, this kind of thinking goes against everything youre about to read. In the face of the current beauty industry, its good for consumers to be able to find products that are just a little more healthful, and this is, in some ways, the exact same mentality that beauty brands should be against. If we cant find products that are actually healthy, if we cant even find beauty products that are healthy for our skin, then what purpose is there in the entire industry. Its possible that Huda Kattan and her brand are just trying to make a bit of money. However, theres no reason for them to put out products that arent actually making people look their absolute best. The beauty industry is in dire need of reform, and Huda Kattans brand isnt it. If youve been wondering what you can do about Huda Kattan and her products, you should just go right ahead and stop buying her products. If, however, youre still not quite convinced, you could try purchasing one of the products that Kattan is not selling on her website. There are only a few things you should avoid doing or looking at. Kattan has been known to run her website on a server that has malware, so do not buy an item via her website. If you have any other questions about how to shop about Huda Kattan and her products, just comment on this blog post and Ill be happy to answer them. And finally, I want to thank all of you, the readers, for sticking with me this long. Id like to think this has given you a little more of a reason to do so. I still cant believe it either, but I think its still the best article Ive ever written.

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