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We should be encouraged that when dieting you can even gain weight. Your mouth is all wet with your tears, and the whole time you are thinking about the things that you have suffered for a little bit longer. You have been on the inside of the car, looking out and hoping for some kind of miracle that the world might just be spared the horrors that you have witnessed. You never knew them but you will never forget them. You are now the sole survivor of your family. You do not know how to make things right with anyone. You do not know how to live a life that you can be proud of. You can live for your future family. You can live as a single mother again. You have no idea how long you have been sitting in the darkness, you try to think of anything to at least take your mind off the sadness that is eating you alive. You pull out your cell phone and call your parents. You remember how you lost them and how they cared about you and helped you out in so many ways during your difficult times. You say to the disembodied voice that is now inside your head. You hang up, and your hand slowly leaves the phone as you slowly stand up. You take a deep breath to calm your nerves. You look at the pictures you have and begin to take a closer look at the ones in your hand. You look at the pictures of your parents again and they look so much better now with lipstick on, smiling. T keep them focused on that horrible night. You look at the pictures of your siblings and their smiling faces. S starting to bruise in places and your body is still very sore. The pictures of some of your relatives have now been blurred out or covered with black.

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