How many celebrities died in 2016

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Jpg alt-The article is just a clickbait from the start, you think. Its an infographic with a list of famous deaths from 2016, and each one is listed with details on the celebritys life and where it led. There, you see a picture of your mother. Her age of death was given as 81, and shed just turned 81. You look up, realizing youre seeing it for the first time. Just like in that infographic, you see a list of celebrities who died this year. And this time, youre seeing the names and ages for each one. But youve no idea what theyre all talking about. It sounds like she took her life in the way the article describes, no. The death of Justin Beiber, better known as the songwriter of Just Give Me a Reason and Me and You. Apparently took his own life by cutting his wrists. To say goodbye to her like she wanted to say to you. It makes you feel sad, and you wonder if youre going to be the one to do it. This time, shes not in the headline; shes not even linked at all. Instead, you see the words Celebs Who Died in 2016. Some of them you dont even know the stories behind. You turn to the source article, and read about them. Theres a headline on the article, but its just another random thing that the writer found on the internet.

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