How High Is Lizzo's Net Worth? Thanks to Her New Fashion Line, the Limit Does Not Exist!

All the rumors are true (heh): Lizzo is rich AF, deserves every penny, and is about to get even wealthier now that she’s entered the fashion retail sphere. With practically everything she puts out musically entering the tippy top of the Billboard Hot 100 (plus the fact that she can’t stop winning Grammy Awards and getting fancy endorsements), it’s no wonder Lizzo’s made so much. And now she’s out here with a new size-inclusive brand that’s poised to put even more $ in her pocket. So, how much does Lizzo have in the bank? Ahem:

Lizzo’s Net Worth Is $12 Million

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Lizzo has $12 million to her name. But if you want to get even more into it, here’s a quick breakdown of exactly how Lizzo has made so much money.

Lizzo’s Music Is a Major Money-Maker, Duh

Obviously the biggest source of Lizzo’s income is her music, which is hardly a surprise based on the success of “Truth Hurts” alone. According to RIAA, Lizzo has hit 16.5 million certified units in digital singles, making her one of the industry’s top earning artists.

Lizzo Has Made a Ton From Touring

One of the major ways artists earn money is through touring and merchandise, and Lizzo’s most profitable tour was definitely Cuz I Love You Too in 2019. It earned $8.8 million and sold 175,022 tickets—and according to Billboard pushed “her 2019 total to $10.8 million and 243,789 tickets.”

TBD on how much merch Lizzo sells at each tour stop, but let’s assume it’s a lot and also let’s add to it because this shirt is v. v. v. good:

Lizzo’s Endorsements Are Super Lucrative

On top of touring, acting (never forget her part in Hustlers), making music, and putting everyone else’s flute playing skills to shame, Lizzo earns money from endorsements. Which are basically the only thing an aspiring influencer and an A-list celebrity have in common.

Let’s seeeeeeee….Lizzo’s worked with Dove for the Dove Self Esteem Project:

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With Logitech on their Defy Logic campaign:

And with Quay on her own collection:

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Oh, and we can’t forget the song she debuted with Google AT THE SUPER BOWL!

She Has a New Shapewear Brand

Don’t sleep on Yitty, a “revolutionary new shapewear brand” in partnership with Fabletics Inc, which is made for “every damn body.”

“I felt that I was constantly being told through TV and magazines that my body wasn’t good enough. And, in order to be considered ‘acceptable’ I had to inflict some sort of pain upon it to fit into an archetype of beauty,” Lizzo told Vanity Fair around the brand’s launch in April. “Because of this, I’ve been wearing shapewear for a long time, maybe since I was in fifth or sixth grade.”

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She added, “I was tired of seeing this sad, restrictive shapewear that literally no one wanted to wear. I had an epiphany like, ‘Who can actually do something about this?’ I decided to take on the challenge of allowing women to feel unapologetically good about themselves again.”

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Yitty literally just launched, but expect it to do well considering the exposure it’s about to get. On top of being available on, a selection will be available on Fabletics’s site itself and in all Fabletics stores. Plus, the global shapewear market was valued at $1.9 billion in 2020 according to data from Grandview Research via Forbes, and it’s projected to reach $3.9 billion by 2028. So…Lizzo is definitely entering a profitable space!

P.S. If you’re wondering where the name Yitty comes from, that’d be Lizzo’s aunt. “Yitty is a nickname my auntie gave me when I was young,” Lizzo told Forbes. “She was a full-figured woman and one of the coolest people ever with bold, beautiful energy. I wanted that energy in this brand.”

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