How can that be possible? This Mornings Dr Zoe Williams on Madonnas youthful looks

NTAs: Dr Zoe Williams celebrates This Morning win

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Many have marvelled at Madonna’s seemingly ageless look at 63, while others have urged her to abandon the Instagram filters and show fans her “real” face. Now ITV’s Dr Zoe Williams, a skincare expert who advises the nation on all things health for This Morning, has weighed in with her own views on the controversial photos.

With all the money in the world, you cant buy perfect skin

Dr Zoe Williams

Asked on whether Madonna’s age-defying photos would be a realistic look for anyone else to achieve, the ex-Gladiators TV star said: “I think what we should talk about here is, how can that be possible?”

Dr Zoe is qualified to talk about the musical legend’s astonishingly youthful skin, as she has worked in dermatology herself.

The nation’s favourite female GP, who once had ambitions of specialising as a plastic surgeon, admitted: “I don’t know what she’s had done.”

She added: “Madonna has resources that most of us won’t have.”

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However, some may be surprised to learn that she believes a large part of the singer’s success in achieving remarkably youthful photos is that she is simply “genetically blessed”.

“I think Madonna has always looked much, much younger than she is and a large part of it is genetics,” she explained.

“I think it’s fair to say that she’s probably been able to access top end products and maybe she’s also had cosmetic procedures that have helped her to look so youthful, but… with all the money in the world, you cant buy perfect skin.”

“[She] has really looked after herself and been very, very healthy her whole life,” she continued by way of explanation.

“The health of the skin really does come predominantly from within.”

Zoe also insists that products to keep skin healthy and as youthful as possible needn’t cost the earth.

The Trust Me, I’m A Doctor star urges that hydration is key and that even a cheap product is likely to assist in the war against aging, as skin that is overly dry simply cannot “do its job” properly.

The ex-Gladiators warrior is passionate about sharing her skincare knowledge, as it has been a focus of hers for a long time.

“In my clinic, I can help 40 people a day but on This Morning, I can make it relevant to potentially millions of people,” she elaborated.

She has also become involved with the brand Doublebase, which recently conducted research into how common skin conditions such as eczema can make sufferers feel.

The study revealed that almost half of those with the condition had lower self-esteem due to the effect it had on their appearance.

Meanwhile, 92 per cent of those questioned found that stressing over their eczema made the condition even worse, creating a vicious circle of angst.

However, Zoe advises fans to “identify triggers” such as wine, food allergies, a hectic life and even sweating – in an attempt to prevent the skin condition from flaring up.

She acknowledges that “having a skin condition can impact your mental health quite dramatically”.

The dermatologist also cites emollient creams, sprays or ointments as the “number one treatment” and recommends for anyone suffering with problem skin to apply it – “twice a day and if necessary, many many more times a day”.

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