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The two of you talk about mundane stuff for a while, mostly about the events that have happened. You try to avoid the topic of whats to come, and instead just talk about the present. You cant imagine a better life for yourself than what youve already had, and youre going to enjoy whatever lies beyond the veil that is the new world. You dont really have a choice in the matter, but youre just so tired, so much has happened in such a short period of time, that you decide to put an end to the conversation. Eventually the door swings shut behind you and you hear a sigh of relief. You dont even notice it when the door swings back open a few minutes later. The woman that you talked with is now sitting on a chair and looking at you. In time I hope to have my own little shop here. S okay, we only just got here. So can we stay for a few nights if we want. M a little surprised you would have given me the impression that you were coming here. T you just glad to be out of here for good. Ve got everything you could want in Zalan territory. Lots to do, a proper home and everything else you need. The woman smiles at you and then turns towards the door. I wish I could stay and talk more, but I got a whole lot of work to do. Ll be glad to offer you all sorts of discounts.

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