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Back stairway endoftextThe elevator doors slide open, and you step out into the hallway. The elevator doors slide shut slowly behind you, and the elevator door opens out onto the street once again. A large metal door stands there, the handle dangling limply by a single screw. The elevator door leads down into darkness. You turn the elevator on, then start walking down the dark tunnelYou stand in the elevator, and the elevator door opens. As you enter, you see a large, metal room, with a large metal door at its end, like a door into outer space. He holds a clipboard, and he is studying a small map of the city, its edges marked by traffic lights. The man looks up as he sees you and raises an eyebrow. When you said there was someone who claimed to know its location. I am a Doctor, one of the few in the city with the expertise to help him. You say I wouldnt come here for free. He has pale skin, black curly hair and piercing green eyes. The boy is wearing a bright green shirt, light blue pants and black trainers. His brown eyes are sunken and lined, and his nose is large and hooked. The boy is standing there, looking at you, looking you up and down. We can do it for free, the hospital is too far away and the man knows too little about it. I would come to you if my father was still alive, but I cant ask him if hes a doctor now. Good boy, he says, looking you up and down. He walks over to a stack of papers on the desk and picks one up. It is a map, a simple map of a large part of the city, with small, handwritten notes scrawled across it in black ink, with different coloured lines. The Patient looks at the map for a moment, before taking the paper and turning to you. Just tell me where your father is, and I will take you there.

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