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The man, now you know his name is Bobby, is pointing to the bottle. We have a couple more bottles, then Im leaving. He gives you a big smile, and heads off to the table. The bottles, and the bottles, and the bottles are just beginning to become empty when you start noticing that you are really thirsty. After the first bottle, you cant help it. You grab one and begin to slurp it clean and down. You say, wiping it down with the back of your hand. You notice that you have a drink in your hand. At first, you think, why not drink. Everyones here; why not try something different. After all, tonight you have a date with a beautiful girl who might be willing to go to the trouble of coming out to you, and a lot has changed since last time. Besides making yourself look a little older, you havent had sex in a long time, yet you still want to have it; you still want to fuck. As you reach for the bottle, you notice a woman, a tall, beautiful and blonde-haired redhead, sitting at the table. Hey guys, what you doing down here without me. I remember when wed go out to play it all the time. I remember I was in charge of the drinks, but now I just say whatever comes to mind. So what do you guys want to do. You take a drink from your bottle, still not sure what to do. He asked me a couple of questions about you. So go get your drink and join us.

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