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You look up and see a pair of large, brown eyes staring back at you from the mirror. She smiles at you, her lips curved upward at the corners, and you see flashes of silver from her eyes. You recognize her immediately as the girl from the redhead celebrity photo that Tom had displayed last month. T quite tell whether the girl is still outside or has already left your bedroom. Her shoulders slump and her back straightens. She looks back at you, and her lips purse into a slightly pained smile. You look down at your feet and your foot twitches. The girl steps closer to you, and then takes two steps forward. She stares into your eyes, then her gaze slides over your chest. As she begins to turn away, you can feel how hot your face is. You push forward as if to embrace her, but she turns back around with a wave of her hand. Her eyes stare into yours, and you look down. You walk outside and close the door behind you. You feel a little shaky, a little tired. You walk to the front door and look down at your hands, which still feel oddly numb. The girl turns back around and nods at you. After another few seconds of her nodding and smiling at you, she turns and exits your bedroom. You close the front door without another word, and you lay quietly in the living room. You hear the sounds of a city going on around you, but nothing seems different. You stare off into the darkness and your vision begins to become hazy, so you turn your.

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